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Jan (and The Hilliard Ensemble) Garbarek (2)
Judy Garland (3)
Lesley Garrett (3)
Lisa Gerrard (5)
George Gershwin (5)
Gilbert And Sullivan (1)
Alberto Ginastera (1)
Mauro Giuliani (1)
Philip Glass's 49 albums total 461 tracks lasting 49:20:01 Philip Glass (49)
Gluck (2)
Elliot Goldenthal (2)
Henryk Gorecki (3)
Gothic Voices (1)
Gounod (2)
Granger (1)
Eddy Grant (1)
Edvard Hagerup Grieg (4)
Grieg (1)
Francis Grier (1)
Christine Guldbrandsen (2)

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