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Camille Saint-Saens (5)
Aulis Sallinen (1)
Santana (2)
Alfred Schnittke (1)
Arnold Schoenberg (5)
Franz Schubert (16)
Robert Schumann (13)
Alexander Scriabin (1)
The Sex Pistols (1)
Dmitri Shostakovich (12)
Jean Sibelius (2)
Frank Sinatra (5)
Siouxsie And The Banshees (9)
The Sisters of Mercy's 8 albums total 100 tracks lasting 8:49:32 The Sisters of Mercy (8)
The Sixteen _ Harry Christophers (1)
Bedrich Smetana (4)
Stephen Sondheim (1)
Bruce Springsteen (5)
Natasha St Pier's 4 albums total 51 tracks lasting 3:30:05 Natasha St Pier (4)
Rod Stewart (1)
Johann Strauss (1)
Richard Strauss (7)
Stravinsky (5)
Styne and Merrill (1)
Arthur Sullivan (3)
Donna Summer (1)

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