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Abba'  21 albums total 462 tracks lasting 30:26:53Alizee'  6 albums total 68 tracks lasting 4:59:01All Angels'  1 album contains 13 tracks lasting 48:16Tori Amos's 3 albums total 43 tracks lasting 3:13:41Georges Bizet's 10 albums total 43 tracks lasting 22:20:13Blondie'  3 albums total 48 tracks lasting 3:23:22David Bowie's 41 albums total 489 tracks lasting 35:25:00Sarah Brightman's 10 albums total 151 tracks lasting 9:34:16Benjamin Britten's 13 albums total 53 tracks lasting 18:58:32Kate Bush's 28 albums total 299 tracks lasting 19:43:52Cher'  1 album contains 16 tracks lasting 1:00:54Dead Can Dance'  8 albums total 89 tracks lasting 6:29:05Philip Glass's 49 albums total 461 tracks lasting 49:20:01(Franz) Joseph Haydn's 18 albums total 60 tracks lasting 12:42:11Souad Massi's 1 album contains 12 tracks lasting 49:33Loreena McKennitt's 9 albums total 76 tracks lasting 7:29:50Melanie'  1 album contains 18 tracks lasting 1:05:58Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's 215 albums total 1141 tracks lasting 193:56:36The Sisters of Mercy's 8 albums total 100 tracks lasting 8:49:32Natasha St Pier's 4 albums total 51 tracks lasting 3:30:05

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